Thursday, September 2, 2010

The beginning...

Hi and welcome to Baking For Goats!

You may be wondering why anyone would bake for a goat, and if they did, what would they bake? Sorry to disappoint, but this is not a blog about how to feed your farm animal. Let me explain...

For some time now my passion for cake decorating has been growing from hobby to obsession. I have lost days pouring over cakes on Flickr, dreaming that one day I may be able to produce something half as good. I have taken every opportunity possible to develop my skills: making cakes, cookies and cupcakes for friends and family, and anyone who will let me. One day I had dreamed to start a business from home...

Unfortunately, as I investigated doing this, I found that my local council made that almost impossible (unless I was willing to build a second kitchen solely for cake decorating - wonderful yes, practical no). Basically, as I understand it, the moment I received any money for one of my cakes, even to cover materials, I would be violating a bunch of laws and putting myself at risk of litigation. Talk about your dream crusher (boo council, boo).

Then I thought, what if I didn't get any money for my cakes? What if I made people cakes for free, and they just donated some money to a charity? The main reason I want to make cakes isn't for the money anyway, it's for the creative outlet and pleasure it brings. So I decided to link my cake decorating with my favourite charity, Tear Fund Australia. They have a Useful Gift Catalogue which allows you to purchase items for people in need as a gift for someone who isn't so needy. You can even buy someone a goat. Hence the idea for "Baking with Goats" was formed.

This blog will serve to record my adventures in this cake decorating/charity journey. For people who want me to bake for them, they can use this to see what I can do.

I should point out that I am not a professional cake decorator, and if you want a professional, you should pay for one. I am just looking forward to baking some cakes and hopefully helping some people far worse off than I.



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