Sunday, February 20, 2011

To be a princess...

I had the pleasure of recreating my Sleeping Beauty cake for my little friend, Catherine, who was turning 4 in style - with a party at Fairyland! The humid weather did not like my tall behead so it had to be shortened to comply (click here for an image of what it looked like after a night of disgustingly hot weather). Anyway, the final product looked like this:

I was also asked to do some matching cookies for a take-home gift. Nothing says "Princess Party" like a pink crown!

The cookies were packaged up with a handful of Smarties for good measure.

I was also lucky enough to take my daughter, Libby, to the party, and to watch as Fairy Sparkles hacked into the cake. At least I got to eat a piece!

Happy Birthday Catherine!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Regal Cause...

This week I had the pleasure of teaming up with the Tear Supporters in Orange. They are hosting a movie night tomorrow, playing "The King's Speech". Somehow they had heard of what Baking for Goats was all about and asked if I could make something to go with their event. Of course I said yes!

I came up with these crowns, which will be sold individually in the hopes of raising even more funds for Tear.

Good luck for tomorrow night Orange!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

High Tea

This cake was for a birthday tea party for my friend's Mother-in-law. I had wanted to try a teapot for a while so this seemed like the perfect opportunity. I decided to put some roses in for fun. A little later I wondered if I was subconsciously channeling Dorothy the Dinosaur and her love of rosy tea (did I mention my son is a huge [read obsessed] Wiggles fan?) Anywho, I guess Dorothy hosts a pretty mean tea party so who am I to argue...

Inside is a dark chocolate mudcake with dark chocolate ganache. It is quite a smallish cake, only about 5" across and made to serve 8 (with a little leftover).

Happy Birthday to Ella and Abbie's Nanny!