Sunday, December 11, 2011

By the sea...

Amelia is my daughter, Libby's, best friend. So when her parents asked me to do her cake, I could hardly say no. Despite the miserable, un-summerish weather we have been having in Sydney lately, her parents decided to try a Hawaiian style party at the beach. My daughter recently had a tropical themed birthday party so I was pushed to come up with an original idea.

Somehow, Amelia was blessed with a beautiful sunny day for her party (after a week of rain) and the kids had a great time at the beach! Sitting here typing this two days later, it is pouring with rain again. Oh well.

Here is a close up of Amelia, and her friend, Crabby.

The cake itself was 7" diameter, milk chocolate mudcake with milk chocolate ganache.

Happy Birthday Amelia!


Daisy chain...

This little cake was for my friend's sister's birthday. She saw a picture of this cake in a Country Road catalogue and loved it. Clearly, everything Country Road does is stylish, so I was feeling the pressure just a little.

This cake is only 5" diameter and milk chocolate mudcake with milk chocolate ganache on the inside.

I'm not sure I'll be receiving any calls from CR any time soon about selling my cakes in their stores, but it was fun to put together such a pretty little cake.

Happy birthday Jacqui as well as your family!


Summer lovin'...

This is my second wedding cake. It is two tiers of dark chocolate mudcake layered with dark chocolate ganache. It has a cascade of hand-made sugar frangipanis (about 30 in all). The blue ribbon was provided by the bride to match the bridesmaids dresses. To me, it really typifies a Summer Wedding (although technically it was right at the end of Spring!).

All the best!