Saturday, March 19, 2011

Heel the world...

When asked to do my first shoe cake, I must admit to being a little nervous. But thankfully the cake decorating world online is a generous one, and Pink Cake Box have a detailed tutorial on their website. The brief for this cake was something with a high heel in the colours blue, silver and white. Here is the finished cake:

I'm not sure it is a shoe I would actually wear (not really a high heel kind of girl) but it looked pretty and that was good enough for me (it's about a size 8 if you were wondering). The cake (shoe box) was 6"x10" of white chocolate mud goodness (to feed about 40-50).

Also, in exciting news, this cake brought up $1500 of funds raised for Tear Australia! Considering Baking for Goats has only been operating since September 2010 (6 months), that is a great result. Thanks to all my clients!

So Happy Birthday Tracy,
30 is the new 20!


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