Saturday, April 2, 2011

Who wants a tickle?

This cake was for Kate, who just turned 3. She wanted a Mr Men themed cake, and her favourite is Mr Tickle (also my hubby and son's favourite). Her Mum has a tendency to refer to her as Little Miss Chatterbox and hence this cake was born:

I looked through my daughter box set of the Little Miss books for some inspiration, and came across this in Little Miss Curious:
"Why do flowers live in beds but never sleep?" she asked the flowers in the her garden.
They just smiled, knowingly.

These flowers were just the cutest thing ever so they made it onto the the cake too.

The cake itself, was a 7" dark chocolate mudcake with layers of dark chocolate ganache. Inside Mr Tickle and Little Miss Chatterbox is my homemade equivalent of LCM bars (a mix of melted marshmallows and rice bubbles).

Happy Birthday Kate!


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