Sunday, July 24, 2011

Up, up and away...

This birthday cake was for little Paxton, who was turning 1. His mum and dad wanted to celebrate surviving their first year of parenthood with a wonderfully cheerful theme: primary coloured balloons! (For those of you wondering what the primary colours are... they are blue, red and yellow.) Given the theme, I was allowed to come up with the design of the cake.

I love little Paxton's expression as he is floating into the sky!

And of course no theme is complete without matching cookies for party favours...

Balloons are fickle creatures, they pop or float away and often before their owner would want them to (I have suffered through many a balloon induced tantrum!) Unfortunately, I think balloon cookies and cakes would be no different... they are not here for a long time, but definitely a good time.

Happy Birthday Paxton!


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  1. Just amazing Kat, please don't ever move!