Monday, January 10, 2011

Noo Boo's cookies

My friend, Vanessa (known to most as Vanoosh), is just about to pop. I had the pleasure of attending her baby shower on the weekend and took the opportunity to practice my cookie decorating (as well as try out a few new designs). Maybe this is a good way to get invited to a few more baby showers!

In case you were wondering, Vanoosh refers to her bubs as "Noo Boo", which is a combination of her and her husband, Brad's, nicknames. Here is Noo Boo served up on a platter:

I should point out that I do realise that babies do not hatch from eggs (having given birth to two of my own). I did consider this for a while... at first I thought that it would be great if they hatched from eggs but then I realised that I would still have to lay the egg, and decided that the current technique of reproducing will have to do for now.

Looking forward to meeting you, Noo Boo!


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  1. Kat you are hilarious and so talented I love the little family one - so cute!